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Modern Romeo&Juliet Story: Fav Scene

I`ve started a new screenplay and I plan on making it into a movie (eventually). As I re-read over it the other day, a particular scene that resonated with me so strongly, it resonated with me when I wrote it as well. It is a powerful scene and it quickly became my favorite.

So here it is!




A man opens a bottle of whiskey and pours it into a glass. He grabs the glass, turns toward the window and takes a slip.


Tatsuya enters his home. He passes a room and stops. He notices the light on in the neighboring room and enters.



                 二度ともどらないよ。(I`m not going back there again)


        Welcome home, son.


Tatsuya`s father, late 40`s, menacing, turns around with a glass of whiskey in his hands. His knuckles are bloodied.


                 I`m not going back.


                 Yes you are.

Tsumiya takes a swig of is glass and slams it down on the table.


I`m soon going global and I want you at the forefront. And no one speaks Japanese outside of Japan.


You forget that I can already speak English.


           (pours himself another glass)

Like a 2 year old. Ever since we came back from America 10 years ago you don’t speak it anymore. And we live in Tokyo of all places. The city of countless opportunity. You let your ability to go to waste and I wonder why.


                 Is that so.

Tsumiya stops mid-way from sipping his glass.

Thudding sounds comes from the room behind them.

Tsumiya finishes his glass.


Japan is falling and I`m not going to let everything that I`ve built fall with it. Kids these days think they can do whatever they want without being checked. They`re going get checked today.

Tsumiya straightens his suit jacket and cracks his knuckles. More thudding sounds are heard.



I have a plan and you`re a part of that, whether you like it or not.

Crying sounds.

                      Tsumiya (cont,)

                 I`ve got some business to attend to.

He puts his hand on Tatsuya`s shoulder.

                      Tsumiya (cont)

You can join if you like. Get a taste of your future.

Tatsuya steps out from under his father`s hand. Tsumiya walks out.

                      Man (V.O.)

                 No, no, no. Please! I sorry! NO-!

The sound of crushing bone stifles the screaming until it stops all together.